Diversified Test Laboratories, Inc. is an accredited independent commercial laboratory specializing in physical testing on yarns, all types of fabric and all types of finished items. 

Since 1965, our testing experience has been with knit, woven, and non-woven fabric for the apparel, home furnishing, and industrial market. This experience provides expert, impartial and confidential service to our clients of varying size and fields of interest in the textile and related industries. We are long-time members of AATCC, ASTM, ASQC and TQCA.

Our laboratory capabilities have been reviewed by both government and industry regulatory associations and approved for colorfastness, physical and flammability testing. Diversified Testing Laboratories, Inc. is a U.S. Government approved laboratory and we are the laboratory selected to manage the UFAC Verification Program and the Voluntary Bunk Bed Safety Program. We are FAA Designated Engineering Representatives.

We offer accurate, dependable, and expedient test results to assist in research and development, sampling, production control, etc. Our fees are 10%-25% lower than other laboratories and a schedule will be provided upon request.

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